First legal reasoning course for young people in Vietnam Did you know 80% of young people who started building their soft skills in their early years has a higher success rate in life than their peers. In Justice Magic, you will learn the exact skills necessary for successful legal reasoning and how to utilise this knowledge to face everyday problems.
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Critical thinking is vital for university success, and it is absolutely indispensable for students studying at university abroad. In fact, knowledge of the discipline you have chosen to study is only the beginning of your journey. In order for the information, you have gained to be effective, the ability to analyze and expand on concepts will prepare you to navigate the obstacles faced in the real world. This not only involves the capacity and confidence to question the information you are given but also to challenge and demand justifications so that you may arrive at a reasonable solution or conclusion.

Our course, “Critical Skills For University Success”, employs cutting-edge blended learning strategies throughout the curriculum with critical thinking ability as its core value. This results in students experiencing tangible progress in their learning career while improving their traditional academic skills for success at university. Our classes simulate the environment of real university classes that recreate a genuine university experience. Further, each course and its curriculum are uniquely designed by a team of experienced professors from Western universities who integrate the latest knowledge and teaching techniques in the field. Additionally, the range of other soft skills required at universities such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, independent learning, and effective communication are also emphasized in all courses and apply to the international working world beyond the classroom.

How Joining Justice Magic Will Benefit You?

Gain practical knowledge in law through interesting topics
Develop independent mindset & critical thinking ability
Explore career opportunities in Legal Industry
Practice & Improve essential soft skills

Learning Achievements

Employing critical thinking for university access
Enhancing critical academic skills in the university context
Acquisition of foundational knowledge of a variety of university disciplines
Engagement in self-reflection to identify strengths, weaknesses and motivational points
Gaining confidence as an independent learner


Justice Magic is designed to expose students to a fresh and professional learning environment where they can participate to improve their critical thinking while obtaining valuable knowledge and skills for their academic journey and personal growth.

We are thrived by 5 core values that are at the heart of Justice Magic’s culture. Our core values are clearly identified as our commitment to building high educational values and providing holistic education to students at Justice Magic, where they can obtain beyond knowledge and essential skills to become a good citizen with a global mindset, good virtues and success.
Academic excellence courses
Justice Magic provides an educational environment that develops intellectual and personal growth through simulating the actual academic environment in overseas universities. In collaboration with a number of distinguished university professors, we strongly believe that each student will demonstrate critical thinking skills and progress to their fullest potential.
Holistic development
with the mission of assisting our students to discover and break through their limitations, we equip our students with academic skills, a creative mindset, entrepreneurship as well as leadership skills to meet any challenge. These values help ensure our students are well prepared for their overseas learning journey and career success in the future.
aspiring students bring their inspiration and talents to society. We provide a broad range of opportunities for students to exercise their skills to make a positive contribution to Vietnam and the world.
We focus on our students’ ability to be adaptable, to provide and shift their approach to meet diverse challenges in an evolving academic environment.
-the ability to adjust and keep an open mind in a multicultural environment. Our goal is to assist students to access and gain equal opportunities in education and beyond. Developing confidence, strong communication abilities and improved social skills are key to achieving this goal.

Experts & Trainers


Eric J. Zackrison

Justice Magic is honored to have Professor Zackrison as its distinguished professor due to his decades of profound business and teaching experience.

Hao Hoang Le

Ms. Hao Le is an Associate Professor at Justice Magic with highly renowned qualifications and a depth of teaching experience.

“It was beyond my expectation. The best part about the class is that it expands your knowledge into different aspects and areas.” Tran Thuy Duong "Em đúc kết được một từ trong khóa học này là 'thực tiễn', vì nó mang đến nhiều giá trị bổ ích có thể áp dụng được ngay trong đời sống." Tran Ngoc Hoang Quan “It was logically arranged and easy to follow. During the lesson, I felt very comfortable because the teacher was very funny. " Ong Thien Ngan