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Success at university is every parent’s and student’s dream, but the transition from high school to university overseas is never a simple and easy thing.

There will be language barriers, culture shock, or more importantly, the difference between rote learning in high school and independent learning at university, where students are expected to analyze, evaluate and sift information to prepare well-researched, structured papers which demonstrate an ability to read, think, and write critically in English. They are also required to confidently voice opinions in class with evidence to support their arguments, working collaboratively alongside other students.

Unable or slow to adapt, students often underperform and become unhappy and disillusioned, and even sometimes drop out of college. This is tragic given their innate intelligence and ability.

Justice Magic has the solution

At Justice Magic, the pre-university course

is designed to equip students with academic and soft skills, enrich their well-being and strengthen their mental health to prepare for a successful transition to the new country of study and beyond for their careers.

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Additional Premium Personalized Provision

Available upon request

Accompanying the standard 3-month course, upon student request, a customized program is available. This specially engineered service can make all the difference, by allowing one of our top Professors to tailor make individual support based on the student’s performance and learning capability to help him/her better prepare and master the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve optimum results.

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Justice Magic’s pre-university course is for you if you are:

A high school graduate or an undergraduate, of 14 years old or above, who is planning to study abroad

An undergraduate who wishes to improve advanced critical academic and soft skills for university and career success

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Your journey to university begins

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Spring: February – March – April

Summer: May – June – July

Autumn: September – October – November


3 months


02 days per week * 2 hours per day


You can select one of the following:
1. Online: Join our classes from anywhere
2. Offline: Learn at the Center with other classmates via screen with the overseas Professor
3. Blended: Combine online and offline methods during the course

Additional Premium Personalized Provision

Students are encouraged to determine their self-improvement needs

The program is customized for the student following assessment by the Professor

Based on preliminary testing and ongoing assessment, the student is advised of the most suitable package
1:1 or 2:1 or 3:1

Flexible choice by selecting this option at the beginning or during the course

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Academic team

Our academic team consists of honorable professors currently lecturing at universities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. They bring teaching experiences and behavioral knowledge for students’ learning success at university. They join the team at Justice Magic because of the alignment we have in education mission and vision in building sustainable development and enhancing individual well-being for the next generation, and for their passion to teach and learn.
Ellen Feig

Dr. Feig is eminently qualified to prepare students for the university as for twenty-two years for wide range in study skills, writing and reading, AP/ACT/SAT verbal and college essays, and applications. Followed a BA from Smith College, a JD from NY Law School, an MFA from National University, an MS from Central Michigan University, and a post-doc in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Dr. Feig has been awarded the Roueche Excellence Award for Teaching (a national merit award), seven TED licenses.

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Jon Wood

Jon is a senior education advisor, associate lecturer, and mental health & well-being instructor in Somerset, UK. He has extensive teaching experience in a wide variety of institutions both nationally and internationally. His range of experience has been successful from the role of academics training specialists and professionals in the areas of curriculum development, to mentoring service to students for their academic & personal development success and finally outstanding with many awards & results for well-being instructor.

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Kenneth Knox

Kenneth Knox currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Before there, he has lived and worked in United States, Europe, Central America, the Middle East, and Africa. This gives him a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges that come with life abroad. He has taught at all levels, been a head of school, and a superintendent. He has also mentored teachers and school leaders, helping instill the skills for data-driven and effective leadership as part of national education reform efforts. Ken graduated summa cum laude with degrees in Russian and education (with a specialization in language pedagogy) and then went on to complete his M.Ed.

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Ardeen Top

With more than twenty years of teaching English and English Composition at the university level to a diverse range of students , Ardeen Top is well versed in equipping students to succeed at university, preparing them for rigorous university research, study, and writing in a range of areas from business and nursing to engineering and the arts. She has presented at NAFSA and TESOL conferences on international students making the transition to US university study, intercultural communication, and other relevant workshops.

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Matthew Passow

Matthew holds a first-class honors degree from Portsmouth University, UK, following education in Hong Kong and Australia. He is a results-driven professional with significant success by readily relating to young adults and adeptly utilizes his transferrable skills to support students. Matthew has a broad range of experience to draw upon to meet academic challenges and motivates students by listening attentively, offering practical advice, and relating learning to real-life experiences.

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Joanna He

Joanna has been engaged in higher education for over 15 years in South China, teaching various undergraduate courses including English, creative presentation skills, international communication, and modern design history. She commits to being a friendly listening ear for her students, identifying their learning challenges and needs, then helping them construct the knowledge and higher-order thinking to achieve their targets. Currently, she is attending the doctoral program of education at Liverpool University, UK.

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Matthew Miller

Matthew is a CELTA qualified EAP sessional and pre-sessional lecturer and tutor with 13 years of experience in TEFL and HE. He currently holds the post of Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Education at University College London (UCL). Matthew has worked at several institutions with a wide variety of roles which include English Expert, EFL Teacher Trainer, Academic Manager, Senior Examinations Officer and Lecturer. He has taught on foundation year and premaster’s programs at universities in England and Scotland as well as developing course materials. Matthew has interacted with a wide cohort of students and this experience will aid the students to understand how to navigate their path in university and approach the learning methodology overseas.

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Learning Infrastructure

Learning management system

for student’s personalized progress and performance tracking with Professors’ comments

High technology classroom

for the best and most effective communication between Professors and students

Comfortable cafeteria room

for a pleasant place to relax with all kinds of drinks and snacks for student’s enjoyment & refreshing at the break time

Application process

Submit registration form


Take English test

Take an English test for preliminary assessment

Choose learning package with education advisor

Upon the preliminary assessment of the test

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Course Fees


Standard Course

26,880,000 VND

  • 3 months
  • 3 days / week
  • Applicable only to offline class
  • Perfect for students
    who have good education background


Personalized Learning Option

Fees upon requested

  • 3 months or less
  • 1-2 days / week
  • Customized to individual or group
  • Perfect for students
    who wish to accelerate and optimize their learning
Financial aids
or Scholarships

We are always committed to giving opportunities for gifted students.
We implement our policies to facilitate our students to pursue their learning achievement.

Do not hesitate to contact our Admissions department to check our current plan for financial aids or scholarships that are appropriate to you.

Admissions department: +84 28 3622 6600 (1927) | Admissions@justicemagic.com

Justice Magic strives to uphold the following values at all times



Justice Magic operates with integrity in all we do. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, both personally and professionally, particularly demonstrating honesty, compassion, and responsibility.



Justice Magic achieves the very best results by constantly striving to achieve the highest quality throughout all aspects of the organization, gained through hard work, self-reflection, perseverance, and dedication.



Justice Magic demonstrates respect for self and others, by listening actively and calmly to others, demonstrating an open mindset and adopting a rational, evidence-based approach.



Justice Magic is totally committed to pursuing goals that are enduring and beneficial to both the individual and the society, through developing courses and offering tutoring that supports ethical success on the global stage in the 21st Century.

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The Justice Magic scholarship award program was held on March 17, 2021

With 20%, 50%, 70% and 100% scholarship is awarded.

The program awarded the Justice Magic scholarship was held on March 31, 2021

With 20%, 50%, 70% and 100% scholarship is awarded.

Workshop about the topic “How to use images online legally” on April 25, 2021.

For high-school students and university students

The first “Ethical Thinkers” contest was held from Jun 21 to Jun 29, 2021 exclusively for high-school students

to give them the opportunity to hone and develop their thinking skills, debating skill and argumentation.

Email: info@justicemagic.com
Phone: (+84 28) 36 22 66 60
Address: Justice Magic Building, No.9 in the Area 284 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC