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Are you ready for your journey to university abroad?

Enrolling in an overseas university is certainly a very exciting journey and an achievement in itself. However, before you embark on this new chapter in your life you need to prepare yourself for the challenges that face all university students. Being far away from family and relatives, integrating into a new culture, and adapting to new ways of learning a foreign language are just a few of the hurdles you will need to face. Before you step on the airplane, you want to be prepared for success in both your academics and social life.

As a university student, you will soon recognize that the materials and learning methods are completely different from high school and a totally new set of academic skills are required. You will be requested to read and understand several textbooks and materials, web content, magazines, and newspapers on a variety of different topics. Afterward, you will be expected to organize and use this research to prepare for discussion in class or present arguments in favor of or against a point of view.

In addition, you should not underestimate the cultural differences between Western countries and Vietnam. Statistics show that many Vietnamese students studying abroad encounter a significant number of shocks in both learning and culture which leads to many students getting bad grades or even giving up and dropping out of school. Therefore, you want to prepare both your knowledge and skills so that you can be successful and avoid disappointment.

To help you face the shock, worry, and anxiety of studying abroad, we work with many professors who have taught at colleges and universities in the US, Europe, and Australia. Together, we have designed several workshops and courses to ensure that students have the knowledge to be fully prepared and equipped to overcome the challenges so that you will have enough courage and confidence to succeed. The golden road to your future begins today!

We are motivated by 5 core values that are at the heart of Justice Magic’s culture. Our core values are clearly identified as our commitment to building higher educational values and providing a holistic education to students. Justice Magic is an educational institution where they can obtain knowledge and essential skills as well as become a responsible citizen with a global mindset, develop higher level virtues and achieve successful results.
Academic excellence courses
Justice Magic provides an educational environment that develops intellectual and personal growth through simulating the actual academic environment in overseas universities. In collaboration with a number of distinguished university professors, we strongly believe that each student will demonstrate critical thinking skills and progress to their fullest potential.
Holistic development
with the mission of assisting our students to discover and break through their limitations, we equip our students with academic skills, a creative mindset, entrepreneurship as well as leadership skills to meet any challenge. These values help ensure our students are well prepared for their overseas learning journey and career success in the future.
aspiring students bring their inspiration and talents to society. We provide a broad range of opportunities for students to exercise their skills to make a positive contribution to Vietnam and the world.
We focus on our students’ ability to be adaptable, to provide and shift their approach to meet diverse challenges in an evolving academic environment.
-the ability to adjust and keep an open mind in a multicultural environment. Our goal is to assist students to access and gain equal opportunities in education and beyond. Developing confidence, strong communication abilities and improved social skills are key to achieving this goal.

What makes us unique?


Materials are developed based on real learning at college or university, that ensures students are prepared for university-level studies.

2.Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes are led and taught by experienced Professors who currently teach at colleges or universities in the USA, Australia, or the UK.

3.Class Sizes

Small class sizes enable instructors to provide students with greater personal attention and one-on-one interaction. Students’ concerns are heard and responded to, and their potential is encouraged. This results in every student receiving the support necessary to advance and thrive in their studies.

4. Teaching Methods

All classes simulate the university experience in the method of teaching, learning, interacting, and responding. Students will be ready to overcome challenges and be prepared for success at university.