• About Us

Welcome to Justice Magic

Justice Magic is proud to bring advanced critical thinking courses based upon leadership value criteria to young people from 10 – 22 years of age. Our courses are designed to provide profound and insightful training on critical thinking and other soft skills, combined with ethical leadership lessons, to prepare students for future leadership roles.

The strength of the program derives from practical, real-life legal cases developed by top experts in Vietnam based upon U.S. critical thinking methodologies to produce measurable outcomes, with emphasis on practical application. The goal is to assist students in achieving the ultimate learning goal – the ability to apply what they have learned to real life.

Through realistic situations, interactive in-class activities and dedicated instructors, students at Justice Magic are trained to foster advanced critical thinking skills together with ethical leadership knowledge to build up and sustain their personal development.

We are motivated by 5 core values that are at the heart of Justice Magic’s culture. Our core values are clearly identified as our commitment to building higher educational values and providing a holistic education to students. Justice Magic is an educational institution where they can obtain knowledge and essential skills as well as become a responsible citizen with a global mindset, develop higher level virtues and achieve successful results.
Higher Moral Virtue
Students will understand the ethical foundations which justify legal consequences in order to comport themselves as conscientious and upright moral citizens.
Knowledge & Inspiration
While students obtain practical legal knowledge, they find true inspiration for self-study in their lifetime journey to discover their learning abilities.
Global Mindset
Students are introduced to the global mindsets of professionals to prepare them for an ever-changing world of politics, social movements, and innovative ideas.
Language Skills
Students are trained to understand the legal codes and regulations with accuracy, to structure arguments, and conduct high-level conversations in both English and Vietnamese.
Debating & Reasoning Skills
Students are enabled and strongly encouraged to present their arguments via insightful discourses and debates to craft persuasive arguments while concurrently empathizing with their peers.

What makes us unique?

1. Interesting practical lessons – We say “No” to boring theoretical discussions

Our courses are based on real-life matters and interaction, not boring academic classroom lessons. Students will learn about the different types of law and various practical and fascinating legal issues that impact their day-to-day lives. They will learn how to utilize logical reasoning in a fun and inspiring environment.

2. Our program is developed by a reputable law firm

The carefully written curriculum is reviewed and developed by top lawyers in order to ensure that the knowledge is applicable to real life. Students have a chance to understand a lawyer’s perspective which is considered to be the most effective and logical learning method.

3. Western lecturers to bring in advanced teaching method

Our lecturers are from Western countries and bring with them their advanced education methods. They are selected and trained to deliver high teaching quality in the classroom. When attending these classes, students also have the opportunity to practice and improve their English in a unique legal context.

4. Student-centered approach

At Justice Magic, we encourage a culture of civil debate in the classroom, which will prepare students to participate in the skilled workforce later in life. Students are permitted to argue and engage with their lecturers and peers through open discussion, which is a key requirement of potential lawyers.

5. High-tech, modern classrooms

Our center has been specifically designed to create a modern classroom with the latest online learning facilities. Students have access to online learning materials, such as reading resources and homework, to independently expand their knowledge outside of class. Support is provided in using digital presentation in learning activities. Additionally, lecturers will use digital tools as part of the class to engage and motivate learners.