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Our frequently asked questions

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1. How many courses are there in the program?

There are a total of 3 courses which includes Applied Logical Thinking, Introduction to Reasoning, Advanced Advocacy.

2. How long does one program take to finish?

Students will take 04 - 05 months to complete the whole program. However, Justice Magic courses also come with independent lessons so students have a choice to be flexible at the same time achieving effective learning outcome.

3. How many classes per week do I have to attend?

They are suggested to join at least 02 classes per week but it depends on the availability of the students.

4. Is it an online or offline course?

The course is taught offline at the Justice Magic school, so every student has the chance to interact directly with the trainers as well as their classmates to get a fulfilling experience.

5. Is the course conducted in English or other languages?

The course will be conducted in English and Vietnamese.