• List of teachers

NGOC CAO - Professional Trainer

Bachelor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Ho Chi Minh University of Education, IELTS Certificate with Overall Score 8.0

7 years of experience in teaching has empowered Ms. Ngoc to be a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated teacher at Justice Magic. Her critical thinking ability, English skill and her great passion for teaching are what truly drives her to become a valuable professional trainer.

She is the most loved teacher recognized by her students because of her great contribution to the team. She loves to create a learning environment that is dynamic, stimulating, and encouraging to motivate students in the belief that they will become elite students upon provided with advanced legal knowledge and critical thinking ability.

MATTHEW TERENCE STEEL - Professional Trainer

Bachelor of Arts, Curtin University

As a citizen of Australia, Matt has come to Vietnam and taught at prestigious schools for more than 10 years. He is truly a high-profile teacher, mastering not only language skills but also continuously seeking advanced teaching methods to bring out the highest qualification in students’ development. Being practical and result-driven, rather than having a mere academic mind, are the qualities that make Matt outstanding from other teachers.

To qualify as a teacher at Justice Magic, Matt had to go through a rigorous training where legal knowledge and his logical thinking skills are practiced and executed at the top. The training requires him to constantly participate in direct discussion with our law experts to deliver practical points in a way harmonized with how real-life legal aspects are practiced and how knowledge is appropriately absorbed in order to guarantee efficiency in learning outcome.

He wishes to create a unique learning environment that students in Vietnam have never experienced before. He firmly believes that students who enroll in Justice Magic course will not only improve their knowledge of the law but also will develop other exceptional skills in logical thinking applicable to their life and study.

SHERRY PHAN – Curriculum Developer

Bachelor of English Linguistics and Literature

Ms. Sherry Phan, a curriculum developer at Justice Magic, is well-qualified and very experienced in the educational field. She has a wide range of teaching experience and curriculum development spanning more than 12 years. She has previously worked at some prestigious educational institutions and international schools where she had the opportunities to collaborate with many excellent educators and leaders. Therefore, she has great passion for education and the development for Vietnamese students across their educational journey.

Being a member in the core team at Justice Magic, she is committed to further developing the high-quality curriculum that serves the students’ learning purposes as well as cooperating with teachers for better teaching quality in classroom. She firmly believes that rich content-based approach together with excellent and appropriate teaching methods will make a great help to students’ self-development and success in the future.